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Mayra Hills, Who Claims to have The World’s Largest Breast Implants, says she has the option to go even bigger

Mayra Hills, 27, a German model, has a lot to get off her chest, but instead she may be adding to it.
Hills models under the name of Beshine, and she claims to have breasts that are a size 32Z. Hill’s stands five-foot-six, has a tiny waist, and weighs 130 pounds. Her small frame must support breasts that weigh 20 pounds each. Each of her breasts holds 10,000 cc of saline, reports the Huffington Post.

Hills breasts weigh as much as a toddler or a car tire. She claims that her chest weighs 72 pounds, which is half of her body weight. Before having her breasts super-sized, she began adult life as a size 32-A.

“I just wanted to have bigger and bigger boobs and the boobie greed monster in me never stopped being greedy and hungry. So sometime ago when I reached a certain size, fans from all over the world started to tell me that I have the largest augmented boobs. That’s cool and sounds interesting and it seems that I have reached a milestone. But for me the most important thing is, that I follow my inner voice and I currently have not reached my goal. My fans know what that means,” Hills said.

According to Hills, her implants can be expanded further in the future, if she desires to go even bigger.

Life can be difficult, however, when your measurements are 59-28-36. She says she can easily purchase pants and underwear straight off the shelf, but it isn’t so easy to find bras and tops to wear. They “must either be very big and wide or narrow, and very elastic,” Hills posted on her website, reports Metro.

She also faces many challenges, such as fitting into tight places such as cars, elevators, and seats in movie theaters or airplanes.

“Of course it is hard to put on shoes or shave legs if you do not see your own feet. Sleeping on my stomach is no longer possible and on my back too because of the weight. So sleeping a bit sidewise is comfortable,” she said.

Believe it or not, there is actually a woman who has larger breasts than Mills, and they are natural. The Guinness Book of World Records lists Annie Hawkins, 52, as having breasts that are a 102ZZZ.

Hills appears determined to stake claim to having the world’s largest breasts, so she may very well go through with making hers even larger.

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