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Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton Naked: Hundreds Of Stolen Photos

This is probably one of the biggest fears of the stars in the hour of Internet and sexting: that their private photos are found on the Web. Yesterday, this nightmare became reality: from Jennifer Lawrence to Kate Upton through Kirsten Dunst, multiple nude shots were unveiled. A gigantic violation of their privacy.

There are exactly three years, pictures of Scarlett Johansson naked were circulated on the Internet . Outraged, the actress did not hesitate to recall that these were shots that were not intended for publication, and dissemination represented a denial of his right to privacy . This year the star is not concerned, but no doubt she will add her voice to those of its counterparts: on the night of Sunday to Monday, hundreds of pictures of stars, most sexual, were posted on the Web. Without any consent.

The Fappening . This was the name of the tidal wave that took place last night – a suitcase combining “fap” (a term designating the action of male masturbation) and “happening” (that is, May be translated as “event”). The result of a large-scale piracy: one or several people have put online hundreds of private shots belonging to stars – images that are often very explicit. Among the victims be supported including the model Kate Upton , Jennifer Lawrence or Kirsten Dunst; a list of potentially affected celebrities was also published, currently no pictures to accompany them . Would among other referred Avril Lavigne , Amber Heard , the mother Hayden Panettiere , or Kim Kardashian – the list includes more than one hundred women.

” This is a clear violation of privacy, said a representative of Jennifer Lawrence site BuzzFeed . We contacted the authorities and we will prosecute anyone who publishes the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence. “That would be now in a relationship with singer Chris Martin is one of the most affected by the personalities Fappening , with fifteen shots revealed without their consent.

For some photos of Scarlett Johansson put online in 2011, the hacker who had stolen them had been sentenced to ten years in prison. With hundreds of images published this time, the culprits are at risk – this is an unprecedented violation of privacy.

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