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Smartphone usage increases Brain Activity, says Research

We all know that smartphone is a very useful device which helps us in doing so many things and tasks through social networking sites, web surfing, useful applications and many more but a recent study by the psychologists revealed the use of smartphone improves sensory processing of the brain due to the movement of fingers.
The study was conducted by researchers at University of Zurich, Switzerland who observed 10 days activities of 37 volunteers, among which 26 were smartphone users while remaining 11 were feature phone users and the researchers tested the brain activity of the volunteers through electroencephalography (EEG). The results of EEG indicated that there was an evident difference between brain activity of smartphone and conventional phone users.

The cortical responses of smartphone users who did loads of typing and swiping was much similar to that of keyboard players and their area of the brain that controls fingers is larger as compared to the other people’s brains.

Study leader Arko Ghosh commented on the research by saying that “Smartphones offer us an opportunity to understand how normal life shapes the brains of ordinary people.” And he further added that “The digital technology we use on a daily basis shapes the sensory processing in our brains and I was really surprised by the scale of the changes introduced by the use of smartphones.”

In their findings published in the journal Current Biology, the researchers said that our brain is malleable which can be molded according to our activities and experiences and the EEG of the smartphone users showed that they had bigger brain activity measurement due to the mechanical touch on the thumb, index and middle fingers, which is a good news for all the smartphone users. (BBC)

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